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              Company Vision & Mission

              Vision: "Being a Global Security Service Provider Influencing the World"

              Stock Listing : To be the first private security listed company in China 

              Aim: To be the prime mover and integrator for top end market resources in the security industry service chain 

              Mission: "Serving Society, Benefitting People's Livelihood"

              To promote orderly development of China's security industry, providing customers with high-quality products and services, and achieve extended maximum returns to shareholders while creating a platform for employees to realize personal values

              Group's Strategic Objectives

              To be the first privately listed security company in the country and anticipating 3-5 years of perseverance, in becoming the prime mover and integrator for top end market resources in the security industry service chai

              •     To achieve target of market listing and eventual actualizing and improvements of its core business, to expand the                            business scale, generating higher profitability. (Listing Strategy) 

              • Establish growth in emerging market for security services for transport of cash and valuables logistics, energy, finance, e-commerce (luxury items logistics, e-payment), banking and high-tech companies private goods distribution, develop R&D for science and technology, service upgrades and adopt the full-core service capabilities to expand new markets. (Ocean Strategy) 

              • Introduce industry leaders in the industry and experienced management for advanced enterprises, establish innovative team capabilities, rapid nurture and replicate strategy, and forming the company's progresive productivity. (Cluster Strategy) 

              • Focus on research and development of advanced products for the overseas security market geared to consulting training, security program design, crisis management, etc... (Overseas Strategy)

              Business Advantage

              • Through comprehensive budget management, the internal optimization and integration of financial resources, service platform resources, scientific and technological resources, customer resources, brand resources and group management resources are achieved according to the requirements of strategic planning.

              • Resource Benefits

              • The Company's long-term servicing of Fortune  500 companies, and accumulated empirical experience constitutes the foundation of China Cityguard Security Service Group's salient operations ability, including qualified servicing of high end capability, advanced experience practical ability, innovative assessment ability, market brand operation ability, domestic and international regional coverage capacity (regional) ,localized competitive advantage, wide network support advantage country-wide

              • Competency Benefits

              • The enterprise pursues the principle of coordinating and synchronizing the value of the enterprise and the social responsibility, and adheres to the enterprise spirit of "ideal, professional and efficiency", which is synchronized with the development of the industry, and the staff is synchronized with the development of the enterprise.

              • Culture Advantage

                Enterprise positioning

                China Cityguard's future corporate perspective will be: "One-Stop Security Solution Provider to the World"

                Industry Positioning

                For China Cityguard Security Service Group's future outlook, it is expected to extend its business scope from traditional security business to high-end logistics (transportation), energy security sector and other form of industries. 

                The development of security system reform will ensure that large-scale security companies globally will continue to increase market competition, and China Cityguard's private leading position is expected to be challenged. A series of adjustments and promotions will be made in the future to re

                Business Positioning

                Through long term integration and security-related business areas, the business scope will cover the entire security industry chain and enhance the competitiveness by managing high end resources. 

                With the development focus on Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong and Xi 'an, new efforts are made to expand the business to other cities across the country and eventually cement our nationwide network of operations and services that involve upscale and downline industry chains.

                Company Positioning?

                The future will see China Cityguard Security Service Group gradually strengthening its strategic decision-making, capitalization operation, brand management, financial control, human resource development and market expansion into six "Group Functions" in line with the direction of " Creation of an Intensive and Efficient Command Center". 

                According to different business results, the subsidiaries will establish methodical gathering of controls based on the empirical conditions such as location and allocations in the group.